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A Panchang calendar, also known as a Hindu calendar, is a traditional Indian calendar system that serves as an astrological and astronomical almanac. It provides comprehensive information about auspicious and inauspicious times, planetary positions, and important events. Key components of a Panchang calendar include Tithi (lunar day), Nakshatra (lunar mansion), Yoga (a combination of the sun and moon), Karana (half of a Tithi), Rahu Kaal (inauspicious time for starting activities), and various festivals and religious observances.

Panchang calendars are crucial for scheduling and planning significant events, rituals, and ceremonies in Hindu culture. They are consulted to determine propitious timings for weddings, festivals, and other important activities. These calendars are deeply rooted in ancient Vedic astrology and play a vital role in guiding the spiritual and daily lives of many Hindus. They help individuals align their actions with cosmic influences for a harmonious and prosperous life. provides Traditional Panchang calendar and allied information services for all langauges / states in India. Our calendar intend to provide the Yearly, daily & Monthly calendar, Panchang information across Indian States also for other countries based on the Time Zone. These Panchang were followed for thousands of years Calendars in India.

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